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Thinking of learning Guitar, and to develop your skills. go and follow your passion. Learn guitar from the best Music School in India, Music School of Delhi. ( Take the guitar Classes in Delhi and become a Guitarist. A Guitar is the best instrument to play. You can easily improve your skills at this amazing place. As we all know learning has no age bar. A Child, Youngster and the aged people, any one can learn anytime. Just say ;start from now . To get the best Guitar classes in Delhi, you don’t have to roam anywhere. Here we suggest you the best Music School in Delhi. Develop yourself as an Artist and learn every bit of technique here.
Most of the people think that Guitar is hard and they quit the guitar. But Music School of Delhi make every of their student play guitar in the most interesting way that the students love it and play the guitar with full enthusiasm. They teach the guitar in a smart way so that everyone will love to play guitar. To get the Guitar classes in Delhi they have made a very simple way to understand.

Simply for Playing any song you need to learn the chords, Strumming Pattern, Lead of the song. Now, what these terms are :-
• Guitar Chords :- Guitar Chords is the set of the notes which is played on the guitar. Combination of three notes is Chord.

Strumming Pattern :- Play the downstroke and Upstroke on the strings of the guitar is Strumming Pattern. Strumming Patterns are played on the basis on Time Signature :- 3/4, 4/4, 4/8, 6/8, 7/8… There are many Patterns of Strumming Pattern like:-


• Lead :- Lead is a musical part which is played by Guitarist. To create lead, one can use Scales,
Arppegios, Modes, riffs etc.. It is the most interesting part

There are many things to learn in Guitar - Chord Progression, Chords Family, Chords in Music Theory, Flamenco Guitar, Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar and at different levels many things. So Get benefitted by enrolling in the best Guitar Classes in Delhi. They provide the high quality guitar classes in Delhi.

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